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Our innovative mortgage platform is packed with resources & knowledge designed to empower our members with the ability to optimise every mortgage attained in their lifetime, potentially resulting in mass savings.

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Making The Most
Of Mortgages

Let’s dive into the Mortgage Basics and understand the different types of mortgage platform products available. Here we will look to discuss how you can make the most of a Mortgage, and discuss what mortgage products best suit different types of people.

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  • Lenders
  • Repayments
  • Bonuses
  • Costs
  • Attitude to Risk

Your Mortgage
Friends Tips

Learn the Tips and Tricks you can implement in order to boost your chances of getting a Mortgage. You can look to put these tips into place NOW, which will boost your savings and broaden your understanding of not just Mortgages, but Finance in general.

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  • Finding Your Deposit
  • Stamp duty
  • How to prepare yourself

The Lenders Criteria

Here we will look to explore the Mortgage Market with some typical Criteria, this will help you educate yourself on where you need to be positioned and create your own end goal which you’ll make your target.

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  • Lenders Criteria Introduction
  • Lenders Criteria Analysis
  • Your Credit Score
  • How to build your credit score

Making Sure
You Can Afford It

This section will help you understand the strategies and options you have if you can’t get the Mortgage you’re looking for. We will also explore various options that can put you in a position where you can afford the perfect mortgage!

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  • Government schemes
  • Who can help you


Becoming a budgeting pro will massively help you when it comes to mortgages, not only to ensure you can get a mortgage, but also continuously afford it across your life.

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  • Commitments
  • Future costs
  • Money management

Getting Yourself
In Check

Getting yourself in check is just as important as becoming a mortgage pro. During this section, we will put you through your paces to ensure you’re in the perfect position to get a mortgage!

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  • Residency
  • Credit Score
  • Income Types
  • How Lenders View Income

Deciding On
Your Property

Looking at mortgages from the lender’s viewpoint! Let’s explore some key area’s lenders look at so you can optimise your chances of getting the right mortgage for you!

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  • What is a freehold & leasehold?
  • Construction types
  • Buildings & contents insurance

Getting Your

Wow, look at us now, we are Mortgage Pro’s! Now you need to ensure you have everything in place & that you’ve completed the mortgage friends checklist so that you have a solid chance of hitting your end goal of getting a mortgage that’s right for you!

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