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‘Mortgage Hacks’ has been designed to bluntly answer some of the most important questions regarding Mortgages, and the answers to these questions will help you understand arguably the most important financial product of your lifetime, as well as let you in on secrets that can save you thousands on future mortgage costs & mortgage loans.

Mortgage Hacks introduction

Why did we create mortgage friends?

Top tips for getting onto the property ladder

What to check when getting a mortgage

Do you qualify for a mortgage?

What house can you afford? (Learning what you can borrow)

What mortgage option is right for you?

How you can you get a mortgage by yourself without any help

How we can help you save thousands across your lifetime

It’s time to start saving thousands on mortgages




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The following calculations have been made based on the information you have provided and on the assumption that your credit file is of sufficient standing to get a Mortgage. Our calculator will show you a range of your potential borrowing amounts; this is because the level of your outgoings and commitments will have an impact on the amount a mortgage lender may be willing to lend to you. If you have large outgoings and commitments, your borrowing potentially is likely to be at the lower end of the range; but you may not be able to get a Mortgage at all. In addition, if you are seeking to purchase a leasehold property, you will also need to factor in any ground rent and annual service charge costs. Lenders change criteria frequently and these figures are produced as a guideline only. To get a more accurate figure, please speak to a Mortgage Friends Advisor and they will happily be able to provide you with a tailored borrowing potential.